Flyboard Adventure

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The water-propelled Jetpack or Flyboard allows you to blast through the air or hover in space like some sort of aquatic action hero. “You feel like Buzz Lightyear.”Learn how to dive under water then re-emerge like leaping dolphins. Learn to climbed, dive, pretend to walk on water, and hover. Flyboard Video

$99 / Person 20min Flyboard or Jetpack Session

$129 / Person 30min Flyboard or Jetpack Session

A 250-horsepower marine engine housed in a boat-shaped pod provides the Jetpack and flyboard power, pumping seawater to the jetpack through what looks like a fire hose. The Jetpack/Flyboard can fly up to 30 miles per hour, with a maximum altitude of 30 feet, the length of the hose.

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