Parasailing Adventure

Enjoy a Miami Parasailing adventure that is second to none, soaring over Biscayne bay harnessed to a safe and colorful parachute. The expert and friendly crew that accompany you will make you feel at ease, completely safe and secure as you glide through the air. Operations are from 10:30am-6:00pm


$79 / Person Parasail flight

$160 / Person Parasail flight & half hour Jetski combo

You are on the boat for 1 hour, in the air 10-15 minutes. Usually 2 or 3 passengers fly at a time.

Parasailing is a popular sport in which the rider hitched to a parachute like canopy, known as a Parasail, is set aloft in the air.

The Parasail is attached to a long towrope, which is pulled along, by a speeding form of transportation.

When the speed exceeds the stalling speed, the parasail rises, hoisting the pilot up into the air.

Parasailing allows you to have a bird’s eye view of one of the world’s most beautiful beaches and one of the hottest city skylines.

While you are up and gliding thru the air keep your eyes wide open and you just might see natural sand bars, sea turtles, manta rays and schools of tropical fish below your feet.

The Following Rules Apply:

**Riders must be six years of age or older (riders under ten years old must ride with an adult)**

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